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"Managing a large group and diversified company requires a strong management system, Leksana Teguh worked with us in redesigning our corporate structure in 1999. He has guided us with a very fundamental and essential change to manage this big organization effectively"   Read more













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2. Leadership

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3. CBHRM (Competency)

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5. Learning & Development

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SSC or Strategy Solution Center is a Training and Management Consulting Firm. In Training, SSC assists individuals to transform themselves, realize their potensials and achieve enduring Success. In Management Consulting, SSC facilitates clients transforming their organization capabilities to cope with dynamic environment and create solid organizations that produce excellent Business Result.

SSC is founded by Mr. Leksana TH, who has wide exposures both domistics and internationally in various training and consulting engagements for almost 10 (ten) years.
SSC has been serving people in training organization consulting, both from domestic and international corporations. SSC has also been working with diverse industry backgrounds such as Retail Financial Services, General Insurance, Life Insurance, Telecomunication, Food Manufacturing, Transportation, Pulp and Paper, Heavy Equipment Manufacturer, Automotive, and OnLine B2C Providers.

Our Professional Services

Strategic Solution Center (SSC) facilitates corporations to create better organization and people capabilities in achieving their business objectives. SSC has been providing services to numerous organizations from a diverse industry backgrounds such as apparel, agriculture, automotive, banking, ceramics, chemicals, farming, food manufacturing, fast moving consumer goods, general insurance, heavy equipment manufacturer, leasing, pharmaceutical, life insurance, plastic manufacturer, port infrastructure, pulp and paper, telecommunication, transportations,.
SSC offers three core competence areas of services:

1. Organization Strategy and Development or known as OSD
2. People Development (Program) or known as PDP
3. Executive Coaching (Program) or known as ECP

1. Organization Strategy and Development (OSD)

In OSD, we help corporations to transform their organization capabilities to turn their vision into realities and business results. Our organization development program encompasses:
a) Competency based human resource management
b) Organization design (including job analysis, job evaluation and job design)
c) Organization culture transformation (role modeling, leadership transition, merger, acquisition,     change management program, employee attitude survey)
d) Human performance system (e.g. performance based teamwork)
e) Balanced scorecard (e.g. from strategy map design to its effective implementation/action     plan)
f) Career planning (e.g. from career path, career board, career assessment)
g) Talent management (e.g. EDP, MDP, leadership development program)
h) Coaching and mentoring program (e.g. transfer skills, coaching for leaders, coaching for     performance, coaching for behavior alignment, coaching for business advisory)
i) Succession planning program
j) Recruitment and selection system (e.g. psychometric test, competency assessment)
k) Effective reward and merit based management (e.g. stock options plan, sales commission     structure, reward structure for marketing, management reward system)
In people development program SSC has developed a training curriculum based on feedback from many corporations of local or multinational based. The subject of PDP encompasses:

Our OSD stands quite differently from other HR consulting firms in the way we put emphasize on relating business results and organization effectiveness programs. When we work at an early stage with you, we will devote to understand clearly the linkages between business results you want, strategy, cultures, people, processes, competencies and your current organization systems. Our integrated and structured approaches ensure all critical drivers of peak performance are identified before finally proposing a recommendation. In this way, as our clients you can see clearly all components of your organization system and their interrelations as the variables you can manage in driving your business results. Every recommendation we deliver is prepared to accommodate specific clients’ needs and, therefore, carefully being tailored to the unique context of your business environment.
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2. People Development Program (PDP)

What is so unique about our People Development Program?

Our first Professional Service division is People Development Program (PDP), which facilitates groups and individuals to create personal power and build leadership potentials. In Personal Mastery™ we have training programs for awakening human potential, creating high motivation, generating commitment, facilitating behavior change, building positive mental attitude, transforming self capability and capacity. In addition, our Leadership Mastery™ provides training programs for mastering persuasion and influence, mastering coaching and counseling, mastering change program in organization and individual context, mastering conflict resolutions, mastering problem solving & decision making and mastering how leaders develop leaders.

Unlike most other ‘people and leadership development’ training program, we use the latest technology and proven methodology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) combined with effective tools such as Mind Mapping and Structured Thinking to be the platform of our training method. NLP has been effectively used in many behavioral change training that are known to create more permanent change and grow personal power. NLP has been acknowledged by leading corporate trainers and motivators as the most powerful tool to align the way people feel, think, act and live. Worldwide motivator like Anthony Robins has also applied the tool in which he names it later as Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC).

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3. Executive Coaching Program (ECP)

What is Executive Coaching Program (ECP)?

Our Executive Coaching Program (ECP) is the fastest growing service demanded by many organizations that want their senior executives leverage their leadership qualities. The primary objective of this service is to assists clients preparing, grooming and aligning their executives’ skills, knowledge, behavior, style and overall competency to better achieve the corporate goals. Many clients use our ECP as a way to speed up their time in assigning their executives with expanded roles and responsibilities and also to improve their capacity in delivering business results.

When do you need Executive Coaching Program (ECP)?

ECP offers practical solutions to clients who are keen to see their talented executives more prepared, experienced and effective to assume higher and expanded roles. During strategic planning, project planning or special management initiatives, clients often need to generate fresh ideas from external perspectives. ECP can also assist client in this particular situation by providing a coach as a facilitator for planning process. Entrepreneur who wants to improve his organization as well as his management skills can gain many benefits from ECP’s coaching and facilitation. The unique approach and nurturing relationships with clients, such as transfer of skills supported by one-on-one facilitation, enable ECP to deliver client value at reasonable costs.
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Why Training with SSC?

 What is SSC Unique Value proposition in Training?

1. SSC applies Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) methods in each of the training subject in     Personal Mastery and Leadership Mastery. As widely known NLP, has been proven as the     effective tool to change human behaviour, belief, value and even to some extent identity.

2. Immediate Impact: SSC is a leading expert in designing and delivering experiential training     programs for adult professionals. The training sessions have immediate impact on learning -     the participants are actively "doing" - not just listening. Participants can immediately apply     new skills and knowledge on the job. SSC does not only transfer knowledge or memory     about good theory or concept for personal development and leadership subjects. SSC     changes the way your people feel, think and behave.

3. SSC trainers are well qualified with world standard and all have been certified by     international, world class trainer and institutions. Our trainers are educated and certified by     Robert Dilts (NLP co developer), John Grinder (NLP originator), NLP University of California     (the place where NLP was founded), NLP Transformations of New Zealand.

4. SSC trainers have background as practitioners with proven track record. For example, when     we train sales people we only use sales trainer that had ever been a sales before and they     were successful in his/her fields. We believe that we can only transfer the skills if our     facilitators have been through the real situation and prove they have used that skills before.     We do not use professor from well known university to teach sales or marketing since his     entire life was spent on research and writing books but not showing track record as     successful marketing or sales practitioners.

5. SSC used tailored approach for each company. We adopt the principles that "one size can     not fits for all". We firmly believe that each client has unique situation, historical background     and different people on their management team. We appreciate this and carefully take a look     at the situations and develop approaches that would generate best possible results for the     benefits of your organizations.

6. SSC uses three stage approach for training program. First, participants are being assessed     to know at which level of skills, knowledge, belief and value they are now. This information     will be a valuable source for our facilitators to know each participant in details. We then use     this understanding to develop interventions and approaches in our training materials and     facilitation process. So, our facilitator are 'connected' to the participant during the training.     The second stage is the design and delivery of the training. The third stage is a period of     evaluation of training results and coaching. The third stage will be done four weeks after the     training sessions to ensure that all participants apply what they learn and get the benefits of     applying new skills and knowledge in their daily routine jobs.