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"Managing a large group and diversified company requires a strong management system, Leksana Teguh worked with us in redesigning our corporate structure in 1999. He has guided us with a very fundamental and essential change to manage this big organization effectively"   Read more











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2. Leadership

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3. CBHRM (Competency)

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4. Performance Management

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5. Learning & Development

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In people development program SSC has developed a training curriculum based on feedback from many corporations of local or multinational based. The subject of PDP encompasses:

1. Personal Mastery Workshop (5 subjects):
    Building Motivation and Commitment – PM 01
    Developing Positive Attitude – PM 02
    Improving Personal Productivity – PM 03
    Developing Positive Assertiveness – PM 04
    Goal Setting that Drives Results – PM 05
2. Leadership Mastery Workshop (8 subjects):
    Managing Difficult People – LM 01
    Communication Power for Change and Success – LM 02
    Effective Coaching and Counseling – LM 03
    Facilitating Effective Mentoring – LM 04
    Managing Change Effectively – LM 05
    Effective Empowerment for Actions and Results – LM 06
    Rapid and Effective Problem Solving – LM 07
    The Power of Effective Negotiation – LM 08
3. Selling and Marketing Workshop (1 workshop topic):
    Powerful Selling Advantage – SM 01

All of the above subjects can be customized in terms of its content and structure to the particular needs of the company. Each of the above subjects can be tailored for 2 or 3 day duration for a class size of maximal 30 participants. Personal mastery will be targeted at supervisor levels and Leadership mastery will be targeted for accommodating the managerial level. It is also recommended that the leadership mastery subject be held after participant has sufficient skills and knowledge of personal mastery.

Personal Mastery Workshop – PM 01
Generate Motivation & Build Commitment

Why this workshop
* You want to see your sales or worker productivity increase but not sure how to make it happens.
* You like to brighten up your people morale and productivities.
* Your people are not performing optimally although you have provided them good compensation.
* You have a solid business strategy, however people have implementation issues – they do not   deliver good business results, and you are not sure how to solve this.
* It appears that your employees do not do their jobs properly, steal working-hours, being   absence, do not do jobs when you are not around and not showing good discipline.

How You Will Benefit
* The Secret and Essence of Motivation and Commitment:
* Principles of Effective Motivation and Commitment
* Understanding People Map of External World
* Identifying Motivation Triggers: Interests, Values and Goals
* Building Inner Motivation and Commitment:
* Erasing Limitations and Self Barriers
* Installing Resourceful State
* Aligning Intention and Behavior
* Developing Motivated and Committed Workforce:
* Motivated and Committed to achieve company goals
* Become more proactive and take initiatives
* Influence Others to perform excellence

Who Should Attend (this course is applicable for all levels of positions)
* Directors or Senior Managers who are eager to build their people motivation and commitment.
* Managers or leaders who are eager to see their people motivated and committed.
* Marketing and Sales People who want to see their teams excel and outperform.
* Human Resource or Operation Manager who wants to create a motivated workforce.
* Company executives that are undergoing a corporate transformation program.