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"Managing a large group and diversified company requires a strong management system, Leksana Teguh worked with us in redesigning our corporate structure in 1999. He has guided us with a very fundamental and essential change to manage this big organization effectively"   Read more











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3. CBHRM (Competency)

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Organization Strategy And Development

In Organization & Strategy Development (OSD) SSC focuses assisting clients to answer business challenges and solve organizational problems through a systemic organization development programs. By implementing our OSD recommendations, our clients can realize the benefits of committed and motivated employees, more effective teamwork, faster and better decision-making, therefore, driving improved top and bottom line results. Many of these fruitful outcomes were delivered through the applications of organization system such as: balanced scorecard program, performance management system, competency based HR System, organization structure alignment, career planning system, talent management, reward and recognition program, and employee development program.

In OSD, we help corporations to transform their organization capabilities to turn their vision into realities and business results. Our organization development program encompasses:
a) Competency based human resource management
b) Organization design (including job analysis, job evaluation and job design)
c) Organization culture transformation (role modeling, leadership transition, merger,     acquisition, change management program, employee attitude survey)
d) Human performance system (e.g. performance based teamwork)
e) Balanced scorecard (e.g. from strategy map design to its effective implementation/action     plan)
f) Career planning (e.g. from career path, career board, career assessment)
g) Talent management (e.g. EDP, MDP, leadership development program)
h) Coaching and mentoring program (e.g. transfer skills, coaching for leaders, coaching for     performance, coaching for behavior alignment, coaching for business advisory)
i) Succession planning program
j) Recruitment and selection system (e.g. psychometric test, competency assessment)
k) Effective reward and merit based management (e.g. stock options plan, sales commission     structure, reward structure for marketing, management reward system).

Our OSD stands quite differently from other HR consulting firms in the way we put emphasize on relating business results and organization effectiveness programs. When we work at an early stage with you, we will devote to understand clearly the linkages between business results you want, strategy, cultures, people, processes, competencies and your current organization systems. Our integrated and structured approaches ensure all critical drivers of peak performance are identified before finally proposing a recommendation. In this way, as our clients you can see clearly all components of your organization system and their interrelations as the variables you can manage in driving your business results. Every recommendation we deliver is prepared to accommodate specific clients’ needs and, therefore, carefully being tailored to the unique context of your business environment.
Our OSD offers assistance to your organization in developing and implementing:
360 Degrees Performance Feedback (how it works)

Many companies still use a person’s manager as the only judge for performance feedback. This is generally fine if the manager have the capacity to provide good feedback. In many cases, feedback only being given to employees when problems occur or worse only during a performance evaluation process. The accuracy, timeliness and comprehensiveness of feedback may be in jeopardy. The results are: degrade morale, hatred, feeling of unsupported, blaming, or unmotivated employees.